St. Paul Community Acupuncture, LLC is a social business and we need you to keep moving forward.  Spreading the word and volunteering help to keep us running.

Opportunities are available for those interested in volunteering at St. Paul Community Acupuncture.  Volunteers are needed to assist us with the day-to-day tasks that keep our clinic clean, comfortable, and efficient.  Examples include front desk support, laundry,  and distributing flyers.  Volunteers enhance the cooperative spirit within a clinic, thereby creating a space that ultimately is good for the entire community.   If you have other skills you’d like to share let us know.  Front desk volunteers need to have had at least 5 treatments.    If you are interested give us a call at 651-207-6865 or click Volunteer-app-Sheet for the form and bring it in.

We will get back to you if there is a good fit with our needs.

Instead of spending a lot of money on marketing, and passing the costs to our patients, we rely on you to tell people about us. Here’s a few things that would really help out:

Tell your Friends and Family
If you know of someone you think we could help, tell them about us. They’ll be happy they feel better, we’ll be happy we could make them feel better.

Bring Someone New
Even better, bring your friend or family member to your next appointment.   It’s so much fun treating folks with their friends and family together in the room.

Give us a Testimonial
We can say all kinds of great things about acupuncture, but it sounds better coming from you.  It works best if you pretend you’re writing to a good friend telling them exactly what acupuncture did for you.
Mention what it was like before acupuncture (pain/discomfort) and how you feel now.

Write an Online Review
Putting your testimonial online would be great. There are plenty of online review sites. Simply search for “St. Paul Community Acupuncture” at:
• Facebook
Then leave a review.  Just a genuine explanation of what acupuncture has done for you would be great!