New Patient Information

  •  We use zero gravity chairs which have a maximum limit of 330lbs.  We have had other options which did not provide the necessary safety level we would like in our clinic and are on the lookout for new possibilities.
  • We do not accept insurance but have information you can take to submit yourself if applicable.

What to Expect at Your First  Appointment

Before your First Visit

  • Click to  Make Appointment
  • You should receive a online information form to complete before your appointment.  (It may not be sent right after you make the appt.,  I might not be on my computer, but you will receive it before the appt. if it’s not last minute) If you are unable to fill it out or don’t receive it  you please arrive 5 (FIVE) to 10 (TEN) minutes early.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing that can be rolled up to your elbows and knees. You will not need to undress.
  •  Appointments generally take a hour, but can take longer ( visits generally last  as long as you’d like to stay), so please plan accordingly.

 At the Clinic:

Please  speak at a low whisper in the treatment room.  

  • Check in at the front desk if it’s staffed. If it isn’t just take a seat and relax in the waiting room, we’ll be with you shortly.
  • If you have an appointment and need to complete the online form check the laptop for your name and fill out the form. If it isn’t there take a seat and we’ll see  you soon.


While waiting  pay for your service at the payment station  or if you would be more comfortable you may wait for the acupuncturist before paying.

  • To pay by cash or check: write your first name  on an envelope with dry erase marker, put cash or check in the envelope, and place the envelope in the basket to the right when you enter the treatment room.   Please bring the exact amount you would like to pay.
  • To pay by card: On the white payment kiosk there is an IPad set up for payment. The instructions are on the bulletin board.  We do not give yearly receipts so make sure to enter your info if you would like them.


  • Take as many blankets as you need  & a headrest cover (if you want one) from the  shelf.
  • Choose a reclining chair that has a colored card on it.
  • Remove any watches or bracelets that may interfere with us placing needles on the  lower portion of your limbs.
  • Place your belongings and the colored card in the basket behind your chair.
  • Roll up your shirt sleeves and pants to just above the elbows and knees.
  • Recline your chair, relax, and your assessment and treatment will begin shortly.
  • We have ambient music and white noise machines in the treatment room; you are welcome to bring iPods or other personal listening devices. People do snore sometimes; if snoring or people moving about in the room bothers you, consider bringing an iPod or earphones. You are also welcome to bring your own neck pillows or blankets if you prefer them to ours.  The lighting is dim but some people like to bring sleep masks.


During your consultation, your acupuncturist will review your Health History and ask questions that will help identify the appropriate treatment.  This is done at your chair speaking quietly.  There is music playing and white noise machines to muffle any sounds.  If you wish you may bring in your own music or meditation to listen to during the treatment. On your return visit we will do a check-in at the chair also. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

 You’re done!  On the way out,  place the headrest cover in the bag and shake out and fold the blanket(s).  Let us know if you’d like to schedule a follow-up visit or you can do this online.

Acupuncture is a process. While there are those that respond in 1 or 2 treatments most conditions, especially chronic conditions, will take several treatments.   To gain a better understanding of the process please take a look at the following article.    HOW TO MAKE ACUPUNCTURE WORK

Thanks, we’re glad you’re making acupuncture part of your care.

Missed Appointments

Acupuncture: To sustain our low-cost clinic, we depend on having a busy schedule and giving a high volume of acupuncture treatments.

Please notify us of any changes or cancellations at least 24  hours before your appointment time, so that another person can re-book your time slot.

If you must cancel with less than 6 hours notice, we request that you make a suggested donation of at least 1/2 (half) the amount you would have paid for your treatment to help cover our costs.

The donation can be made at your next clinic visit.   If you have prepaid sessions, you can also ask us to mark off one of your prepaid treatments on file to cover your missed appointment. If you frequently miss or cancel appointments, we may need to ask you to walk-in for treatments rather than schedule appointments.